Introducing and implementing corporate rules and performing legal duties ties up human and financial resources. CLARIUS.LEGAL handles these matters for their clients as “Compliance Outsourcing”.


Compliance summarizes observing of legal regulations and adhering to voluntary sets of rules. The German Restriction of Competition Act (Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen), the new General Data Protection Regulation, or so-called “mission statements” are examples of such laws and codes.


Companies are dedicated to compliance not only to avoid fines and prosecution but also to prevent corruption, ensure equal treatment or promote a corporate work ethic.

Bribery, fraud, corruption, misuse of company assets or other breaches of the law and in-house company regulations (“compliance”) will always occur as long as people work at companies. To clarify such cases, companies should set up a whistle-blower service which is located outside the company. This makes it easier for employees to report violations of rules and wrongdoing anonymously and without having to fear reprisals or personal disadvantages. CLARIUS.LEGAL set up whistle-blower services for its clients at fixed prices and also carries out all tasks associated with this.

Our whistle-blower services center around the online platform which enables whistle-blowers to report violations and wrongdoings anonymously.

You can see a sample platform HERE.

CLARIUS.LEGAL carries out certain tasks for its clients relating to compliance with legal obligations at fixed prices. This for example includes assuming reporting obligations in connection with data privacy, and breaches of data privacy or security regulations.

Example Compliance Outsourcing


A large corporation from the food sector is subject to many legal regulations concerning consumer protection. Due to the size of the corporation, the quality assurance department can only perform spot checks of the work processes. Therefore, corporate management also relies on their employees’ vigilance.



CLARIUS.LEGAL provides a secure platform with the corporation’s branding that allows employees to bring attention to concerns. Where applicable CLARIUS.LEGAL additionally offers a whistle-blower hotline through which employees can contact CLARIUS.LEGAL 24/7 and share information anonymously. Thus, the reporting employee is protected against reprisals and the corporation is informed of these violations.


You can see a sample whistle-blower platform HERE.