There are various situations in which companies have to get an overview of existing contracts, for example in acquisition or sale of other companies – a so-called due diligence. CLARIUS.LEGAL offers these services as “Due Diligence Services” for companies and law firms.


CLARIUS.LEGAL reviews the legal circumstances for clients in connection with takeovers of all kinds. The scope of the due diligence is first of all jointly defined; the key factors which create economic value are focussed on here.


CLARIUS.LEGAL then drafts a “red flag report” from these key factors. Depending on the amount of the data to be analysed, it might be necessary to use appropriate Legal Tech products. CLARIUS.LEGAL, supported by software and artificial intelligence, ensures that reliable and detailed results are provided.

CLARIUS.LEGAL provides its clients with data rooms for transactions at fixed prices. The relevant data files are compiled, digitalised and analysed here. Personal access rights are granted and managed.

New software programs which make use of artificial intelligence are revolutionising the analysis of documents. CLARIUS.LEGAL has appropriate software at its disposal and uses it for client matters. It is irrelevant here whether the documents are provided to CLARIUS.LEGAL in electronic or paper form. Software programs summarise contracts and other documents quickly and analyse them based on individually defined criteria. Using such software is cost-efficient and the results are much more precise than those generated by people. CLARIUS.LEGAL assumes the documents of its client, regardless of the form they are provided in, and carries out their processing and analysis. CLARIUS.LEGAL offers software-based document analysis at fixed prices.

Many companies do not have a comprehensive overview of their contracts with customers, partners or suppliers and significant basic data (for example contract durations, notice periods, contractual penalties, prices). CLARIUS.LEGAL assists companies in obtaining an overall view of its contracts. Existing contracts are recorded using a technology-based system; contract content and data defined together with the client are fed into a database. Such a database is also the basis for active contract management, which the client itself or CLARIUS.LEGAL can assume.

Example Due Diligence Services


In the case of an acquisition, the potential acquirers’ legal department is charged with the legal due diligence by their senior management. However, the acquirer’s legal department is busy with day-to-day business and does not have the resources to carry out the due diligence internally.



CLARIUS.LEGAL provides legal resources who will manage the execution of the due diligence. To this end, CLARIUS.LEGAL works with the newest LegalTech applications to ensure a cost-effective and prompt analysis of large amounts of documents. LegalTech will mostly handle the time-consuming initial analysis and prepare the so-called “red flag report” of all anomalies and warning signals. The CLARIUS.LEGAL employees will provide individual improvements (where necessary) and prepare a final report which summarizes all the company’s strengths and weaknesses and therefore enables an informed purchase decision. Furthermore, CLARIUS.LEGAL provides an electronic data room to simplify client communications and record documents promptly, securely and virtually.