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Whistleblower directive requires numerous companies and municipalities to implement whistleblowing systems


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CLARIUS.LEGAL is a Legal Service Provider and a new generation kind of law firm. As such, we combine the regulated quality of a law firm with the efficient and flexible working methods of a service provider. We drive efficiency and planability for our clients through cost-transparent allocation of legal personnel and legal tech.



Our Services

Our services combine competent legal support, legal outsourcing as well as legal tech to achieve the greatest possible cost-efficiency for businesses. This is how we create external in-house resources. We have particular expertise in the areas of labour law, compliance, data protection, document automation and document analysis as well as litigation support, commercial and contract law. 

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Whistle-blower Services

Due to the new EU Directive 2019/1937 for the protection of whistle-blowers, many businesses , cities and municipalities are obligated to establish an anonymous and secure reporting channel for whistle-blowers.

CLARIUS.LEGAL offers a secure online platform which allows whistle-blowers to report grievances or violations anonymously. The platform is branded with the client’s CI and is easily accessible via internet browser. Optionally, a phone hotline is set up that whistle-blowers which provides an additional reporting channel for whistle-blowers.

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Support and consulting
on data protection

In Germany, data protection is regulated by the German Federal Data Protection Act and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR especially has established new obligations for businesses. CLARIUS.LEGAL supports clients according to their requirements with general Data Protection Audit and Support or the appointment of an external Data Protection Officer in accordance with Article 37 GDPR: 


How high would the fine be for a GDPR violation in your business? 

CLARIUS.LEGAL has developed a tool that allows you to estimate the amount of a possible fine for a GDPR violation in your business. The tool calculates the expected amount of the fine in a few steps based on the fine concept of the Data Protection Conference.

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Our examples

Case Study: Legal Outsourcing


versatile support solutions for a
globally acting automobile supplier


For a client from the automobile supplier industry, the CLARIUS.LEGAL lawyers manage various contract reviews with a focus on purchase agreements and terms & conditions. Additionally, we provide support in data protection-related questions as well as matters of labour law.


We achieve efficiency for our client by integrating seamlessly into the existing legal department and providing relief precisely and selectively – according to its requirement. 

Our examples

Case Study: Whistle-blower Services

Protection of whistle-blowers
for an investment company


Due to its number of employees, a large investment company is obligated to establish a reporting channel through which potential whistle-blowers can submit anonymous reports in accordance with the EU Directive 2019/1937.


With CLARIUS.LEGAL's Whistle-blower Services, an online platform as well as a phone hotline are implemented for the investment company. This provides two different reporting channels for potential whistle-blowers. Since CLARIUS.LEGAL is set up as a regulated law firm, whistle-blowers benefit from a special protection when necessary. 

Our examples

Case Study: Legal Tech


Workload reduction through
standardisation and automation


Legal and compliance departments are often responsible for recurring issues that can make up a large part of their duties: Drafting standard contracts such as employment agreements and NDAs, collecting and organising documents and information, preparing M&A transactions, and many more. There is often hardly any time left for strategic matters.


CLARIUS.LEGAL's legal tech solutions automate standardised tasks: Contracts are generated with the help of our Legal Tools, information is managed in our Legal Housekeeping Systems and transaction-relevant documents are structured with our Data Room Builder. This saves time and costs and creates uniformity, overview and clarity.

Our examples

Case Study: External Data Protection Officer


secure and GDPR-compliant with an
External Data Protection Officer
in accordance with Article 37 GDPR


After a business has created a perfect data protection basis with the help of Data Protection Consulting, there is a lack of personnel resources to continually ensure the implementation of the catalogue of measures developed by CLARIUS.LEGAL.


In order to take pressure of the internal legal department, management mandates CLARIUS.LEGAL with the appointment of an External Data Protection Officer (DPO). The DPO is not only responsible for the implementation of measures but also functions as a contact person for supervisory authorities and provides support during data breaches.