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Corporate Housekeeping

Internationally operating businesses often have a complex organization. It requires a considerable amount of time and effort to coordinate the many subsidiaries and affiliates. Typically, this involves handling the following processes and their long-term documentation: 

  • Incorporation of the business 
  • Board decisions and capital changes
  • Appointments of managing directors and authorised signatories
  • Employment contract documentation, among others. 

CLARIUS.LEGAL handles all these matters. First, we collect all fundamental documents in a permanent data room. We define an index that is the same for all subsidiaries. This allows us to process and document all current processes transparently. For international business transactions, we collaborate with a global network of law firms. 

how it works


Complex, unclear corporate situation in an international group

Step 1:

Development of the data room index in cooperation with clients

Step 2:

Configuration of the virtual data room according to the client's specifications

Step 3:

Continuous processing of new business transactions and categorising new documents in the data room


Clear overview and reliable access to legal documents

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Our examples

Case Study

Corporate Housekeeping for
international corporation


An international corporation specialising in building management systems is headquartered in Germany, but has numerous subsidiaries around the world. Due to the complex structure, it is difficult to maintain an overview of the entire group and its branches.


CLARIUS.LEGAL sets up a virtual data room and populates it with the relevant legal documents of all subsidiaries on the basis of a consistent index in cooperation with the client. Thanks to the identical structure for all subsidiaries, corporate management can easily gain an overview. CLARIUS.LEGAL also helps to find international lawyers for legal inquiries from the individual subsidiaries.


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