Whether for a successful M&A transaction or simply for an overview of complex corporate structures – businesses should maintain a well-structured database of legal processes. However, central documents such as transaction-relevant and corporate law documents are usually filed manually. This binds resources and often leads to disorganised file structures. 

CLARIUS.LEGAL's Managed Solutions provide a remedy. We provide our clients with suitable IT solutions for complex processes such as contract management on a needs-oriented basis and assist them operationally and legally as required. The technology-supported service creates consistency, clarity and efficiency. Above all, our clients always have contact persons with specialist knowledge at their side. Depending on the project, data protection, compliance and/or M&A experts work together in the team, for example. 


Concrete application cases

Legal Housekeeping

Legal Housekeeping includes the structuring, standardisation, maintenance, storage and – if desired – automation of legally relevant documents. Depending on the requirements in the business, it is possible, for example, to organise documents relating to corporate law and/or data protection law.

Contract Management as a Service

Existing contracts are recorded in a structured manner and made available in a structured management system. New contracts are incorporated into the structure, contract contents are read out and evaluated by our staff. Regular reporting ensures consistency and an overview. 
The automation of contract-relevant processes such as the creation of standard contracts is also possible.

Data Room Builder

A reliable data basis is necessary for due diligence reports in the context of transactions. Instead of creating this manually at short notice, departments can upload the relevant documents in a structured way using the Data Room Builder's query. The Tool then automatically creates a file structure and a due diligence report.

Included at all times: the continuous legal advice of CLARIUS.LEGAL lawyers


how it works

Step 1:

Joint definition of structure and requirements

Step 2:

Setup of the infrastructure and structuring of the existing documents

Step 3:

Clients populate data room independently via interface or e-mail

Step 4:

New activities are processed by CLARIUS.LEGAL and inserted into the structure


Access to and overview of existing document base

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Our Examples

Case Studies

Legal Housekeeping


An international corporation specialising in systems for building management has its headquarters in Germany, but has numerous branches all over the world. Due to the complex structure, it is difficult to keep an overview of the entire group and its subsidiaries.


With the help of Legal Housekeeping, the client creates a virtual data room in which all relevant documents are stored in a structured manner. Thanks to the identical structure across all subsidiaries, corporate management can easily gain an overview. CLARIUS.LEGAL also helps to connect the client with international lawyers for legal enquiries of the individual group subsidiaries. 

Our Examples

Case Studies

Contact Management as a Service


A financial service provider stores the key data of different contract types manually in Excel tables. Thus, information from framework agreements etc. is neither available centrally nor in a structured way and cannot be evaluated. 


Thanks to Contract Management as a Service (CMaas), existing contracts are imported and stored in a structured way so that contract details and metadata can be analysed and reports can be created. The newly developed internal standards also contribute to consistency. In the future, the processes will also be automated in order to make them even more efficient. 

Our Examples

Case Studies

M&A Tool


A large corporation wants to sell one of its subsidiaries. For the assessment of the transaction, the potential investor asks for a due diligence report of the subsidiary. The relevant documents are stored in various systems in the Human Resources department, the Accounting department and on the Managing Director's computer - everything must now be compiled as quickly as possible so as not to jeopardise the sale.


With CLARIUS.LEGAL's M&A Tool, the relevant documents are not only compiled quickly, but also stored in a structured manner. The file and folder structure is automatically created in a data room and can be downloaded together as a ZIP file. The requested due diligence report can also be prepared without much effort. In this way, the group can react quickly and forward the desired information to its investor at short notice. 




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