As “In-house Support”, CLARIUS.LEGAL sends lawyers and paralegals to clients, where they manage a predefined project for a specific period of time.

Project-based or interim in-house support can for example make sense in order to implement new regulations and laws at a company correctly and in due time. Additionally, CLARIUS.LEGAL offers in-house contract analyses – read more at Due Diligence Services.


CLARIUS.LEGAL can also provide this type of support on a short or medium-term basis, for example if in-house legal staff are absent for longer periods due to illness.


The lawyers and paralegals remain the employees of CLARIUS.LEGAL and have access to the law firm’s entire resources during their time at the client’s company which the client benefits from directly. CLARIUS.LEGAL holds a license for personnel secondment.

CLARIUS.LEGAL supports business and government agencies during the reorganisation of their legal structure. After discussing the client’s specific objectives, CLARIUS.LEGAL will initially develop the legal department’s workflows and the processes for collaborating with other departments. The focus here is on the standardisation of all legal procedures. Other services include the redesign of the selection process and management of external law firms, the digitisation of contracts, and the development of an internal for the handling and management of court procedures. Additionally, CLARIUS.LEGAL will identify areas suitable for Legal Outsourcing in order to make the legal department even more efficient.

Example In-house Support


A medium-sized manufacturing company is looking to analyse the status quo of its existing contracts. Both the optimisation and standardisation of processes during contract execution and documentation as well as the follow-up management of contracts are a long-term demand of CLARIUS.LEGAL.



CLARIUS.LEGAL provides a lawyer who initially analyses the current state of all the company’s contracts while on-site. In the process, contractual partners, subject matter and duration are recorded and a risk assessment is conducted if documents are not available in a signed form or if the contract language deviates from German and English. After completing the risk assessment, CLARIUS.LEGAL will develop a concept for simplifying and standardising future contracts. Furthermore, CLARIUS.LEGAL provides contract templates.