We understand that legal costs have to be predictable for young entrepreneurs. Therefore, CLARIUS.LEGAL offers customized legal documents for start-ups as “Starter Packs”.


Apart from individual legal advice, we offer our Starter Packs at fixed prices. We get to know you and your company and provide the necessary legal framework according to your needs and specifications.


Both is vital for start-ups: due to the growth aspirations, the client is especially cost-sensitive. Because of the company culture, it is also essential for the legal counsel to know and understand the internal structures and contacts.

Startup Basic includes articles of association customized to the client’s needs, terms and conditions tailored to the client’s offering, a template for an employment contract and an internal data privacy guideline, as well as a consent form for advertising purposes for your customers. Furthermore, this pack includes two additional hours of consulting time.

In addition to the services included in the Basic Starter Pack, this pack includes four additional hours of consulting time, a data privacy disclaimer and necessary legal notice for your website, as well as a template for an employment contract for part-time employees and an employment contract for a director.

In addition to the services of the Basic and Premium Starter Packs, this will include support for the registration process with the German commercial register, internal rules of procedure tailored to your company’s needs, as well as a template for a temporary employment contract. Furthermore, this Pack includes six additional hours of consulting time.

Example Starter Pack


An e-commerce start-up does not yet have its own legal department; currently, there is neither a need nor sufficient funds to change this. However, contract reviews and regular legal consultations are vital during the foundation phase.



CLARIUS.LEGAL provides lawyers or paralegals on a full-time or part-time basis as needed who will support the start-up in all legal matters. This ensures the timely handling of tasks because no appointments with an external law firm need to be scheduled. Depending on the field of law, each task will be assigned to the best qualified CLARIUS.LEGAL employee. This ensures the highest quality and prevents delays due to holidays or illness.