CLARIUS.LEGAL offers all “Trust Services” to their clients.


CLARIUS.LEGAL assumes all trust services and provides its clients with appropriate infrastructure, such as transactions by escrow.


Other areas of focus of CLARIUS.LEGAL’s Trust Services are shelf companies as well as residential services for international companies in Germany.

Companies often cannot and do not want to carry out transactions themselves. Instead they need a trustee who carries out the transaction or parts of it for them. This for example includes attendance at appointments with notaries or the participation in a shareholders’ meeting or general meeting. Companies rely on competent and trustworthy people for this, who complete the tasks assigned to them properly and with the necessary (legal) know-how. CLARIUS.LEGAL offers such services as “trust services” at fixed prices, as well as the holding of funds in trust, for example if it is not possible for a notary to hold these due to regulations.

Shelf companies are used almost daily for company acquisitions and real estate transactions. They are practically essential in modern commercial law. The shelf companies of CLARIUS.LEGAL are fully capitalised and can be used immediately. CLARIUS.LEGAL also offers its shelf companies on very favourable terms.

International companies in particular often need a point person in Germany. Setting up their own infrastructure and resources costs a great deal of time and money. Clients can use the infrastructure of CLARIUS.LEGAL and rely on members of the law firm’s team as point persons at local level.

Example Trust Services


The CEO of a medium-sized company is invited to the general meeting of a British company of which she holds stocks. An important conference for her own company also requires her presence so that the CEO must entrust a fiduciary with participating.



CLARIUS.LEGAL sends a lawyer for such services. With their legal expertise and excellent English skills, the CLARIUS.LEGAL employee can represent the CEO well at the general meeting and report back subsequently.