For CLARIUS.LEGAL, “Legal Housekeeping” includes legal services relating to digitalisation and the storage, processing and updating of data files. Doing this in-house binds a lot of capacity and resources.


The basis for legal housekeeping is a permanent data room, which is set up for this with specialised service providers. CLARIUS.LEGAL ensures that this service provider’s infrastructure meets the client’s relevant security requirements,


CLARIUS.LEGAL first of all establishes together with their clients which data files and contract portfolios from which company divisions and subject areas are to be collected. These data files are collected and digitalised so that they can be stored in a consistent and transparent index system which ensures that they can be found when needed. The data room can be used seamlessly as a transaction data room. Access and authorisations can be set up and managed to allow direct access by employees.

Corporate Housekeeping ensures that all corporate law documents are collected, managed and kept up to date; these include articles of association, resolutions of corporate bodies, capital changes, appointments of directors and authorised representatives, or changes of partners. If changes occur with respect to such data, the required documentation is generated and the data files are adjusted accordingly. Clients of CLARIUS.LEGAL therefore always have their data available to them in up-to-date form.

Comprehensive knowledge about the contracts a company has entered into is essential to keeping risks under control. For example, this covers contracts with suppliers, intermediaries, agents or dealers, license agreements and contracts relating to know-how, intellectual property or technology transfer. CLARIUS.LEGAL offers its clients to handle the management of such contracts at a fixed price; if applicable, the extracting of key data from the contracts can be carried out intelligently and cost-effectively using LegalTech solutions.

As a service for real estate owners, property managers and banks, for CLARIUS.LEGAL collects all information relating to land and buildings such as land registers, land registry maps, construction plans, special rights of third parties, as well as leases and utility contracts relating to buildings or land. Information such as contract terms, notice periods or rent increase possibilities, for example, are of central importance for the professional management of real estate and property.

For CLARIUS.LEGAL, “labour housekeeping” includes the management and storage of all labour law contracts and documents. Employment contracts, collective agreements, company agreements and important communication with the works council are just some examples of legal housekeeping tasks which CLARIUS.LEGAL carries for clients from all industries.

For compliance regulations to be effective, they have to be available to all areas of a company which are responsible for their drafting, development and application. CLARIUS.LEGAL assumes compliance housekeeping for clients from all industries. This also includes evidencing compliance for the client’s customers or suppliers.

Example Legal Housekeeping


A medium-sized company wants to re-design the collection and management of its corporate documents. This process is complicated by the company‘s many domestic and international subsidiaries.



CLARIUS.LEGAL creates an electronic data room with the client which is filled initially with all existing documents (articles of association, resolutions of corporate bodies, appointments of directors and authorised representatives, change of partners, etc.) and checked for completeness. Following that, CLARIUS.LEGAL – in cooperation with law firms in the respective countries where necessary – then permanently takes over the management and maintenance of all corporate documents at a fixed price.