Our solution for the requirements
from the supply chain law.


contract management to a
new level: With our
tech tool, you can easily
generate contracts.


CLARIUS.LEGAL provides companies
and municipalities with a secure online platform
so that whistleblowers can report violations
of compliance guidelines.


With our vendor audit platform,
we make it as easy
as possible, give us the relevant information
provide us with the relevant information.


CLARIUS.LEGAL offers companies
online training courses on
data protection issues.


MANAGER you record and
manage all of your


With our app we keep you
as a customer up to date
in many ways.

Legal Outsourcing

Our experts for your legal department

As a high quality service provider we offer companies all-round support with legal outsourcing and legal process outsourcing.

Free your resources with CLARIUS.LEGALEfficient and well integrated into your internal processes

Let our qualified experts support you — whether you need them short term or long term

In-house or remote, always seamlessly integrated in your processes – regardless of whether with or without temporary employment

Even more efficient in connection with
Legal Tech Solutions

With know-how and manpower: Let us become part of your legal department

Our Lawyers, Business Lawyers and Paralegals work for your company like a well connected legal department. If you wish, we become a well integrated virtual part of your legal, data protection or compliance departments. If required, we also appoint specialized Project Lawyers.

Legal Outsourcing Our Service

For frequently occurring, standardised or recurring legal issues (legal outsourcing)
For clearly defined tasks in your process flows (legal process outsourcing)
For dealing with legal issues for which you lack the capacities
As an overflow basin to help you cope with a highly fluctuating utilisation of your resources
We realise a comprehensive service by combining legal know-how with legal tech solutions
Continuous process optimisation from an entrepreneurial perspective is part of our service

Agile and adaptable Our Service is tailored to your needs

We can be your external legal department or become an expansion of your existing one when and where required: We appoint a team that takes care of all legal issues arising in your company. We can take over with contract management or data protection. If required, we have experts that can deal of your company’s complaint management or offer data protection support to employees. To support you even more, we can take care of compliance matters.

Our clients benefit from a reliable partner to plan with while staying agile

A contradiction only at first glance: With CLARIUS.LEGAL you can have the confidence to plan ahead WHILE staying agile. If your requirements change, we adapt our services with them. Understaffing, risky expansion of internal capacities, dynamic expansion, overload due to ad hoc projects – these are problems that can soon be a thing of the past for you. Trust CLARIUS.LEGAL, the high quality legal service provider at your side.

We support — wherever and whenever you need us to. Inhouse or remote: We become part of your team.

Why work with an external partner,when you could invest in your inhouse resources?

Reducing the workload of yourlegal department

Do you need your qualified employees to work on strategic projects but they are unable to do so because of their workload with legal tasks? CLARIUS.LEGAL frees up resources and takes work off your legal department’s shoulders – short term or permanently. We take over areas of work that you can not work on or do not want to assign internal resources to by appointing qualified experts. You receive exactly the support you need — as personnel reinforcement of internal departments (Legal Outsourcing) or with tasks in recurring defined processes (Legal Process Outsourcing).

Outsource routine tasks

Your legal department is overworked and can only deal with areas of priority on the side? Don’t settle for that. High workloads with routine tasks negatively impact employee loyalty — it only makes sense to outsource them to CLARIUS.LEGAL.

staff shortage chronic staff shortages

If you have finally found the right lawyer to support your team, the next team member might already become absent and the never ending story of struggling with staff shortages will start all over again. Relying on an experienced partner like CLARIUS.LEGAL ensures that your legal department stays up and running at all times and gives you the confidence to plan ahead.

Modernizingyour legal department

Kickstarting the transition to a digital legal department or optimizing internal processes: CLARIUS.LEGAL helps modernize your legal department. As a specialist for Legal Tech Solutions, we can help your employees become more efficient by slimming processes and making repetitive workflows easier.

Lean and efficientfrom communication
to pricing

We use virtual teams to make sure you get the help you need whenever you need it. From someone who understands your requirements and processes. With us, you purchase legal services cost-effectively — via flat-rate, license or contingent models.

Step by Step to the right legal outsourcing solution for your company

Together, we identify routine tasks that CLARIUS.LEGAL can take over.

In close coordination with your legal and other specialized departments, we lay out steps for the outsourcing process.

We provide you with our experienced legal outsourcing personnel, tailored to your needs.

In the course of a continuous partnership, we carry out process optimizations in close coordination with you.

Your requirements change? CLARIUS.LEGAL stays the high quality legal service provider right by your side

With our broad range of high quality legal services and the modular nature of our services, we can stay flexible and adapt as our clients require. We help companies

establish lean structures.

become more and more efficient.

compensate the increasing shortage of qualified employees.

letting their most qualified employees work where they contribute most to the company’s success.

Legal OutsourcingFuture-proof with our know-how for your recurring legal tasks.

The Legal Outsourcing TeamOur attorneys at law

Walid Adams
Luise Adler
Annika Behrens
Dr. Ernst Georg Berger
Robert Billing

Dr. Arnt Glienke, LL.M.
Jochen Harttung
Wolfgang Janack
Nadine Kaulmann
Andressa Kraus-Marafon

Caroline Latze
Dr. Andreas Pagiela
Madlen Peiser
Lea Sammerl
Gergana Vasileva, LL.M.

Walid Adams
Luise Adler
Annika Behrens
Dr. Ernst Georg Berger
Robert Billing
Dr. Arnt Glienke, LL.M.
Jochen Harttung
Wolfgang Janack
Nadine Kaulmann
Andressa Kraus-Marafon
Caroline Latze
Dr. Andreas Pagiela
Madlen Peiser
Lea Sammerl
Gergana Vasileva, LL.M.

Legal Outsourcing in practice Case Studies

Administration & Other
Claims Management
Compliance/Data Protection
Contract Lifecycle Management
Contract Review
Data Protection
Legal-Outsourcing-scaled (1)
Taking over communication on warranty issues and representing you in court
Legal-Outsourcing-scaled (1)
We'll take care of it
Legal-Outsourcing-scaled (1)
We support your legal department by taking over everyday tasks
Legal-Outsourcing-scaled (1)
Taking over communication on warranty issues and representing you in court
Legal-Outsourcing-scaled (1)
Use your resources for what matters to you
Legal-Outsourcing-scaled (1)
Always the right legal services for our clients

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