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Whether you choose specifically from our models or opt for our complete package – a new level of relief awaits you. Our focus is on giving you more time for your core business by working with you to set up a digital management system for occupational health and safety and IT security. In this way, we guarantee you transparency and control, minimal internal effort and fast response and processing times.

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Smart & uncomplicated

Comprehensive protection - for you and your employees. Our management system covers all relevant areas.


Choose between measures that are customised to your company's situation. We also cover other services such as data protection & compliance and Supply Chain Act. Everything in one management system, everything in one place.

Minimal effort

Minimal internal effort paired with digital tools that shorten implementation, monitoring and testing enormously while minimising risks through central availability of all data.

Legal expertise

For individual legal challenges, our specialised lawyers are at your disposal and receive all relevant information internally from us.

Occupational safety specialist

CLARIUS.LEGAL assumes all legal tasks of the occupational safety specialist. We support you in the implementation of measures and set up transparent deadline management.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments are complex and time-consuming, and structured implementation requires a great deal of internal effort. We ensure that your projects can be managed safely and efficiently. You can easily expand your existing catalogue digitally and we will help you to define responsibilities in a targeted manner.

Occupational health and safety management

We structure the requirements for occupational health and safety and set up a digital system to manage and monitor all obligations. Easily integrate other areas such as data protection and compliance. You always have a clear view and are effectively protected.

Occupational health and safety audits

We determine the status quo in the company, document and evaluate it and analyse the risks. You receive a comprehensive digital audit report with precise recommendations for action that can be worked through point by point. We can also provide you with targeted support during implementation.


We offer more individualised training in the following areas: general training on occupational safety in the company, infection protection, fire protection and evacuation exercises as well as fall hazards, working alone and business trips, etc. The training courses are also available as e-learning.


With our IT baseline protection audit, we offer you a clear view of the status of your IT security. Extend protection and close gaps with our modular approach. Extend protection and close gaps with our modular approach.

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List of hazardous substances


Investigation of accidents at work


Documentation of assaults


Procedure for the assessment of lone working


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