Increased efficiency and safetyDocument creation

Relieve your legal department with the efficient creation of legally compliant documents using the document generator. The document generator also enables people without any prior legal knowledge to easily create legally compliant documents.


Simplification of processes and relief for the legal department

through the creation of legally compliant documents by people without prior legal knowledge

Possible function as "integrated legal advice"

as the questions and clauses adapt during the input process and create integrated checking mechanisms

Maximum variability and flexibility in document creation

as a new, legally compliant document is generated and not just individual text modules are compiled

Effort savings and traceability

Time efficiency thanks to Smart Form and better control thanks to freely definable approval processes

Speed optimised processes

As soon as many documents follow the same logic, the document generator can speed up their creation as much as possible and simplify processes. The legal department can create documents very quickly and with little effort. People with no prior legal knowledge can use the software to create legally compliant documents.

This is because the legal conformity of the documents is ensured at all times. They are created from small clauses that are drafted on the basis of the company’s own document templates and are each legally secure in their own right. As the input is made via a Smart Form, the document generator not only adapts the final clauses, but also the questions posed to the user during the input process. This allows the tool to function as “integrated legal advice”.

The functionsat a glance

A practical example:This means the document generator can be used profitably.

The human resources department of a company operating throughout Europe would like to draw up employee contracts independently. As the contracts require completely different modules and information depending on the data situation and position, every contract previously had to go through the legal department for review. Different clauses have been stored in the document generator for all use cases. Based on the answers in the questionnaire, the software recognises which information is still required in the current application. This guides the user through the entire document creation process. Based on the answers given, the software reformulates the text modules so that they are tailored to the relevant position. Parameters of the contractual partner such as gender are also recorded and taken into account in the wording. The document generator also recognises whether attachments such as NDAs or AVVs are still required and informs the user accordingly.