Fulfill GDPR obligationsand increase data protection levels

The GDPR obliges companies to ensure that their employees understand and comply with the data protection principles. Employee training is a practical way of significantly improving the level of data protection and helping companies to effectively implement the GDPR requirements.

And ensuring the required level of protection is essential. Article 5 of the GDPR requires proof of compliance with data protection principles. Articles 32 and 39 of the GDPR also imply that employees must be trained in data protection measures. This is the only way they can carry them out safely.


Ensured up-to-dateness and legal compliance

Content checked by experienced lawyers in accordance with the current legal situation and regulations

Authenticated certification of your employees

facilitates the monitoring and documentation of compliance with data protection standards

Scalable as desired and transparent

Pricing model based on the number of employees, not on individual users

Cost and time efficiency

Can be completed individually at any time and in any place

Interactiveonline training platform

Training content on relevant compliance and data protection topics, always in line with the current legal situation, prepared in videos, accompanying texts and quizzes, fulfils your employee training obligations under the GDPR & BDSG.

E-Learning DSGVO

Training in line with the latest legislationand comprehensive support

Our data protection training courses are developed and constantly updated by experienced practitioners. This means that your employees are always up to date with the latest regulations. The training courses do not have to take place in isolation. By adding further services from our data protection experts, you can increase the efficiency and sustainability of the measures.

A practical example: How you can use GDPR e-learning to achieve your goals.

A company that employs staff nationwide in home offices and shift systems wants to ensure that all employees are sensitised to data protection law. To this end, we provide training videos on general data protection topics on an online platform. After completing the training, participants receive a certificate that fulfils the obligation to provide proof of data protection knowledge in the event of a data incident. Employees in HR and IT are also given access to topic-specific training videos, which have subsequently triggered internal processes to optimise data protection.