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Technically and legally the reporting office is certainly responsible for thisIMPLEMENT SUPPLY CHAIN

The Supply Chain Act (LkSG) obliges companies to record and process reports of violations of human rights or environmental regulations.

Use our combination of software and ombudsman service and benefit from legal expertise and security

One of the most relevant elements of secure implementation of the Supply Chain Act is a flawless complaints procedure. Our lawyers have summarized the most important points to consider in a checklist for you.

Download the checklist here without obligation!

This is how we cansupport you

International accessibility

Multilingualism via DeepL connection and freely integrable form for your website

Everything from a single source with minimal labour costs

Fast implementation and adoption of the entire complaints procedure in accordance with the Supply Chain Act

Obligation of confidentiality

also towards the public prosecutor’s office, criminal prosecution authorities, etc.

Seamless integration into the Business Partner Monitoring Supply Chain Act

as a comprehensive overall solution for the Supply Chain Act


The online platform offers the greatest possible security and tailors established processes optimally to your company. The solution is available both as Software-as-a-Service and in conjunction with our ombudsman service.

Legal supportwith our ombuds service

Ensure that all legal requirements are met and benefit from legal expertise and liability.

We are at your side with our ombudsman service for case processing. We take over the investigation and review of the report as well as the communication with the whistleblower and the company. A lawyer draws up afinal report and is available to provide comprehensive legal advice on follow-up measures, internal investigations and communication with the authorities. In this way, you ensure that critical or sensitive cases are handledimmediately with legal expertise.. Lawyers are particularly suited to the role of ombudsperson due to their duty of confidentiality.

Special securitythrough our AI-supported risk management

Optimise your supply chain compliance by using our Business Partner Monitoring LkSG in addition to the Business Partner Monitoring Supply Chain Act setzen. The AI-supported tool offers intelligent questionnaires, automateddata analysis, monitoring of human rights and environmentalviolations and arisk database to effectively address yourindividual issues.

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