Legal Service Provider

We are your external in-house legal department

We support your company according to your needs and take over entire processes or individual areas of responsibility. Our experienced in-house lawyers integrate seamlessly into the structures of your legal, data protection or compliance department. This allows you to deploy your highly qualified staff where they can make the greatest contribution to your company’s success and reduce your workload.

This is how we cansupport you

Risk minimisation

You play it safe thanks to our legal liability as a regulated law firm.


Our experienced in-house lawyers know how legal departments work and integrate themselves optimally into the organisation.


Short-term start date, variable volumes, project-specific or as a permanent resource.


In-depth knowledge of the company, faster processes and efficient processing lead to time and cost efficiency.

Variety of legal areas

Various specialist lawyers, data protection officers (TÜV), data protection auditors (TÜV) and Certified Compliance Professionals are available with their expertise.

Legal Department Support

We provide you with personnel reinforcement for your legal departments. Outsource tasks that you can’t or don’t want to handle yourself, either temporarily or in the long term, and get exactly the support you need.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Our lawyers take on clearly defined tasks in the company’s processes. We focus on scalable solutions with assured quality and high efficiency thanks to our experience, expertise and resources.

Interim Support

As part of a consultancy agreement or a temporary employment contract, you will receive short-term, flexible support from our project lawyers in the event of absences – also in-house at your premises if required.

Legal Advice

We advise you in all relevant legal areas. Our team will develop the right solutions for you, customised to your company’s needs. You will receive support to exactly the extent and within the framework you require. This means that entire topics / task areas can be outsourced.

Claims management

We represent you in and out of court in the enforcement of your own claims. We check the receivables in co-operation with the specialist department and take over the communication with the customer as well as the final processing.

Defence against claims

We support companies in their defence against unjustified claims by contractual partners. From communication with the customer, to the examination of claims together with the specialist department, through to the final settlement, including, if necessary Arbitration procedure.

Contract review and advice

We subject your contracts to an in-depth analysis process based on the standards you specify. From the pure control of concrete specifications to the self-sufficient contract review incl. Consultancy and negotiation are all possible.

Mass Litigation

We analyse, structure and process large numbers of letters of demand and lawsuits efficiently and in a scalable manner. Our lawyers quickly recognise recurring patterns of action and adapt flexibly to the respective strategy of the plaintiff’s representative.

Your personal contact

Matthias SchulzSenior Sales Manager