Alternative Legal Service Provider

With our broad range of services as an alternative legal service provider and the modular nature of our legal outsourcing services, we are able to offer our clients the best possible service as an external external in-house legal department. This enables companies to deploy their highly qualified staff where they can make the greatest contribution to the company’s success and reduce their workload. If desired, we can integrate ourselves into your structures and become a virtual part of your legal, data protection or compliance department. If necessary, we also provide project lawyers.

Our lawyers, business lawyers and paralegals work seamlessly integrated into your company structures like an internal department. We support you in the processing of legal tasks from mass and standardised to complex.

At the same time, you benefit from the resources, possibilities and security of an external service provider. We get to know the customer’s company through long-term partnerships. Thanks to faster processes and efficient processing, you achieve maximum cost benefits. With our broad-based team of experts, you benefit from our extensive expertise and our legal liability. This allows you to identify and minimise legal risks quickly and effectively.