Federal government assumes costs of € 109,000,000 for the implementation for companies. CLARIUS.LEGAL wins Best of Legal in the Compliance category with a legal tech platform that cuts costs.

Companies are burdened with more and more legal compliance, reporting and monitoring obligations. Consequently, against the background of increasing requirements, legal tech solutions that combine legal know-how and technical efficiency are coming into focus. Thus, the topic of legal tech also received special attention at this year’s Best of Legal Awards ceremony on 29 November 2022. The winner of the Compliance category, CLARIUS.LEGAL Rechtsanwaltsaktiengesellschaft, convinced with a holistic advisory approach and a targeted legal tech solution to comply with the current Supply Chain Act.

The recently passed “Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act” is another stumbling block for companies that want to be compliant despite ongoing workloads. “Legal and compliance departments currently have a massive problem – although they do not lack legal know-how, they generally lack capacities and interface competence between law and technology in order to cope with the many new and old compliance obligations,” reports Dr Ernst Georg Berger, lawyer and CEO of CLARIUS.LEGAL. With the current Supply Chain Act, the federal government assumes annual costs of around 43.47 million euros and a one-off expense of around 109.67 million euros for the economy. (see printed matter 19/28649) The next compliance obligation will be a regulation on whistleblower protection in the following year at the latest, which in effect creates an obligation to introduce a whistleblower tool. This is where CLARIUS.LEGAL comes in and offers a comprehensive solution for fulfilling legal obligations. In doing so, the companies benefit from the combination of legal services and technical expertise.

The specially developed ComplyChain platform offers a precisely tailored tool for data collection, automated data evaluation and AI-based monitoring of data and its update from publicly available sources. “Especially this monitoring of public information solved by means of artificial intelligence is an element that should not be underestimated and offers users enormous advantages apart from optimised data management,” says Berger. This is because the Supply Chain Act not only requires auditing of suppliers, but also ongoing auditing. It is also essential to keep an eye on press reports in order to be informed about publicly reported abuses.


Dr. Andreas Pagiela, Iris Duch, M.L.E., Dr. Ernst Georg Berger (f.l.t.r.)

ComplyChain platformfrom Clarius.Legal

With the ComplyChain platform, CLARIUS.LEGAL has created the core of a holistic solution for supply chain compliance. The legal service provider complements this tool optionally with further legal tech solutions such as a whistleblower platform or a contract generator. Last but not least, however, the concept benefits above all from the legal competences of the Rechtsanwaltsaktiengesellschaft. “CLARIUS.LEGAL customers are not confronted with a tool that only takes care of the technical side, but leaves the user alone with the content. Instead, they receive support throughout the entire process, from data collection and analysis to advice on supplier contract adjustments – entirely in line with the customer’s needs,” assures Berger.

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